Amber Rae shares how she schedules her day for optimum productivity levels:

  1. Set priorities on Sunday: Every Sunday, I sit down and map out my week. Instead of defining the hour-by-hour of each day, I outline my weekly priorities and what I want to have accomplished by the following Sunday.
  2. Map out work, play, fit, and push:
    : For each day, I outline my “Top 3,” meaning the three most important things I will have accomplished by the end of the day. Sometimes I’ll map out the entire week on Sunday because my priorities are super clear. Other times, I’ll decide on my Top 3 on a day-by-day basis.
    Play: I’ve found that play enables me to self-express, reflect, and give my ideas space, which shows up positively in my work. Making time to create art, get into nature, go on photo walks, read poetry, skip down sidewalks and the like puts me in a constant state of curiosity and flow.
    Fit: Movement keeps ideas moving forward so I aim to move my body for at least 30 minutes each day.
    Push: Since learning and growth is important to me, I do something that scares me (almost) every day. This may be asking someone whom I deeply respect for an interview or writing about a topic that makes me feel vulnerable.
  3. Batch your days: Batching actions into specific days and creating time for creativity has been a huge gamechanger for me. 

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This isn’t pet related per se, but it could be useful for anyone! Not to mention, a pet owner could schedule down important play time for his or her pet. Walks, fetch, exploring parks, playing with toys at home - these are all great ways of getting FIT and PLAY needs taken care all at once. Don’t forget to schedule important but less-frequent events, such as heartworm preventative, as well!

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    This isn’t pet related per se, but it could be useful for anyone! Not to mention, a pet owner could schedule down...
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